Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gazette Piece on Alternative Spaces

Just a quick note to say that the piece I wrote on Montreal's alternative performance spaces (for the Gazette) was published today. It is available in print around the city (hurry! hurry!), or on the Gazette website for a week (requiring free registration after that).

However, I decided to also throw the full article up online, so if you are interested in reading it, please follow the link. I had a good time writing this and think it could warrant a much longer, more exhaustive piece at some point in the future. A future where I am not as busy and sleepy.

Let me know your thoughts on this article. I realize that there are all sorts of performance spaces that I didn't even mention (both legal and not), but must stress again how word-count became a factor in the overall presentation of the piece. The key was to keep the piece tight and focused.

I should also say again how working with the Gazette editors has been a professional and clean experience, as it continues to be notable. Also, the fact that my girlfriend is a genius and makes me look much smarter than I actually am.

Enjoy the article.


andrew said...

hi scott.
it's taken me awhile to get in touch with you.
enjoyed the article and wanted to let you know about an alternative space piece of english theatre my company is producing. we open the montreal premiere of morris panych's "the dishwashers" september 9th in the basement of bu:bar a vin on st. laurent. thought it might interest you.
andrew shaver

scott w. gray said...

hi andrew, thanks for the info.
take care.