Monday, June 29, 2009

reviewing september 2007 through june 2009

I am happy to report that absolutely nothing happened between September 2007 (when I last posted to Urban Camouflage) and now, June 2009. Hence my silence here.

Perhaps you thought that, like every other music information site, I had begun organizing giant festival concerts rather than writing about music?

The reality is that I landed a full-time gig as Lead Editor at a animation start-up. The harsher reality is that the Global Economic Apocalypse (TM) took that job away after about 2 years. While the gig lasted it consumed a lot of my energy and therefore, there was a long silence here on Urban Camouflage.

During this stretch I kept watching the traffic on Urban Camo and am pleased that the blog has maintained an audience even without regular posts. I guess the blog has been a resource for all those millions of people looking for info about hip hop action figures, obscure musical devices, oblique pastiche rock, and sub-sub-sub-genre music documentaries.

Either way, this post is to say that I will once again be posting to Urban Camouflage, simply talking about musical developments that catch my eye as a writer, musician and consumer of music.

However, I thought I'd also say that you can check out my content in a couple of other places as well. In case you have any interests beyond music.

For the last year I've maintained a blog about the Boston Bruins called Black, White and Gold. I've been a fan of the Bruins since I was about 8 years old, and finally began writing about the club this year. As an adult, I have been part of a community that combines hockey and the arts for a long time now, and while I realize that it may seem like a strange fit for most Urban Camo readers, I recommend you just give Black, White and Gold a try. Maybe you'll learn something...even if that something is just that I'm a jock dork (you would be half-right).

You can also check out my larger-scope content on the Fauna Corporation website, which is where I will be posting my more "legit" multimedia journalism pieces, as well as my thoughts on multimedia pieces by other journalists (and a few references to posts here and on BW&G). I hope you stop by to check it out. As of this writing it is still a work in progress, but progress (especially these days) is really under-rated.

And finally, I want to apologize to those of you who wondered where the eff I had effed off to. The reality of a writer's life is that there is only so many hours in the day and energy in the tank, regardless of how much interest there may be in various topics. I hope you stick around, and check out all three sites.

Thanks for your continued interest in Urban Camouflage, Black, White and Gold, and the rest of my content production through the Fauna Corporation.


shando said...

welcome back mister. don't worry i've got you rss'd so even if you eff off for a couple years again i won't forget.. in case you come upon another busy season preparing a big, uh, non musical festival event?

scott w. gray said...

awesome shando. thanx for not judging me...too hard.

you should rss feed the fauna corp stuff as well. more well-rounded, just like me these days.